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15. 03. 22
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This program is used after the free program mailconv.zip (mail converter of Stephen Knight) www.dragon-it.co.uk/pegasus.htm to a correct translation of folders from Pegasus Mail -> to Thunderbird.
Howto: (folder names are only examples)
1) From directory MAIL of Pegasus copy FOL* into a new folder \TypePM
2) Copy HIERARCH.PM and CACHE.PM in a new directory \TypeNetscape
3) Run MailConv and change from Pegasus Format to Netscape from \TypePM to \TypeNetscape
4) Run PegasusRen from \TypeNetscape to \TypeNetscape\Converted
5) The program generate correct name and structure.
6) In Thunderbird under Options search where is Data Directory.
7) Move renamed files of \TypeNetscape\Converted to this directory under Local Folder
8) Enter in Thunderbird, select folder by folder to obtain alla data (right click 'Make folder as read').
9) Old names are now restored
PegasusRen dont'generate Thunderbird directory because now it can transform files from Netscape only at first level of tree.